Call of Kali - A Retreat to India

January 28th- February 9th 2022

This retreat is for women who are hearing the call (even just a whisper at the door) for SISTERHOOD.

Join us for 11 nights/days in the Motherland, India for an enriching experience together.

We will gather as women with an intention of connecting to each other, ourselves and the magical culture of the land.

This is not just a yoga vacation, this is a deeply transformative retreat full of rich content that includes:


- Daily Yoga practices (Hatha, Yin and meditation)

- Time in nature

- Song, dance, and play

- Adventures - Pilgrimage

- Ritual and Ceremony - Ancestor, Full Moon and Plants



And why is she calling?! Kali one embodiment of the Divine Feminine in the Yogic tradition.

Many know her as the ferocious, demon slaying Goddess with blood dripping from her tongue.

And she is this...

A fierce warrior, the slayer of that which does not serve us


She is also soft, the ultimate nurturer and life giver

She is Ma, the Mother, the Divine.

And she is calling us Sisters back to what we once knew...


'That our strength is soft, flowing, powerful and invaluable'


Can we come together and support each other with Love and Support in our own demon slaying and truth nurturing.


Whether we are talking about the Earth, Her people, or ourselves

The awakening to the Divine Feminine, to that energy and Love that exists within each of us is



So, my Sisters, do you hear the call?


Come 'home' with us beside Ganga Ma in the beloved country of India.

 Re-awaken, rediscover, reconnect.


We’ll be there for you

Seeing, Feeling, Listening and Holding

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A beautiful earthy guest house, a short drive yet seemingly a million miles out of Rishikesh town


This  will be our home, our container.

A falling stream runs adjacent to the house and will lull us to sleep at night. Rooms have heaters in case it's cool at night and AC if it's hot during the day. Each ensuite room is double occupancy with hot water showers.

It is comfortable, cozy, and all ours while we are there.

The staff is as nurturing as the land and the food is equally delicious and nourishing vegetarian, Indian cuisine.

We eat on an open air deck among the leaves of the jungle trees and practice in a Yoga Shala with a view of Ganga through those same trees. The guesthouse is an extension of the land it's on...

We can tell you: It is a special, womb-like, high vibration place.

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Early bird: €1717 in full before 1 July 2021

Full price: €2000 there after

Installment payments and partial scholarships are also potentially available. Click the link below to contact Victoria to discuss further.​


What's included

11 nights (double occupancy)

All meals and morning chai each day

One treatment per person (either Reiki with Jess or Massage/Fascia Therapy with Victoria)

Space is limited!

A €500 nonrefundable deposit holds your space in the circle. 

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Jess and Victoria met while dancing on Diwali at their mutually favorite cafe in Rishikesh. They did their prenatal yoga teacher training together starting later that day and have since shared belly laughs, music, song, tears, play, love and Sisterhood. Their deep connection is ancient and nurtured in this lifetime by their shared practices of Ceremony, Yoga, Kirtan... and being total nerdy goofballs together!

They can't wait to share their deep love of India and Ganga Ma, as well as the practices and rituals they hold dear, with you! 


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