Prenatal Care

The Revolution of Birth


There is global reawakening of the importance of conscious pregnancy and birth.

I would love to support you through your childbearing journey,

holding space for your health and emotional needs during pregnancy and into parenthood.


Many of us have been conditioned to mistrust our bodies

but I offer you tools for self-empowerment and a deeper connection with your body and baby.

We gather to transform and remember the sacred wisdom of our wombs. 


The intention of the prenatal classes I offer is to prepare your body/mind for Birth

- A sacred rite of passage in which the power of the biological transition

shapes the mother, baby, family and even the community. 


I want you to be able to stand in your power and to advocate for yourself.


This is a place to gather with other mummas-to-be whilst I offer how to safely apply yoga techniques

and practices that will support you throughout every stage of your pregnancy and labor. 


Come to a nurturing space to connect with baby, ease tension 

and some get some much-needed nourishment and rest.

The classes I offer are suitable for all expectant mums from 14 weeks to full term.


I am so honoured to be with you on this journey.

Classes available

Pre-natal Yoga
  •  Monday, 17:30-19:00
  •  Bija Yoga Berlin
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