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The journey of perfection vs wholeness is that perfection is trying to deny and banish the parts of us we dislike, but wholeness is a container for all of us, even the parts imperfect.

Has the self-development world unconsciously conditioned us to over-identify with our patterns, habits and problems? “I have a problem” can become “I AM the problem”

Can we shift perception?

Befriending Emotions

Why are so many of us afraid of emotions? In particular the emotions we have been conditioned to believe are “bad” like grief, sadness, anger and shame. Why are we so scared of being fully alive in all of our humanness and to really experience what is true for us? After all an emotion is energy-in-motion. Why do we think it’s stronger or better to put on a brave face and just “be fine” and not that let that energy move through us.

"We heal in relationship"

I’ve been recognising when I need to reach out my hand and ask for support and when to open up to others about my most vulnerable feelings in order to feel more safe in my body and environment. 

We can have experiences as children that may leave us troubled in allowing an authentic connection with others in our adult life. In this article I talk about when unresolved issues from our past get locked in to our bodies and nervous system and how it can play out. 

"Your body is designed to heal itself"

Over time we have become separated from our bodies, maybe we have given away our power and responsibilities of being an active part in our own health.

In this blog I write about how the choices of what we consume is really important and an insight to my own journey with this to discovering how the health of our gut is a source of overall wellbeing and vitality and helps to keep all of our systems in balance. 




Finding the Power of your Voice

Every human on this planet is gifted with a voice, a means of communication, our very own vibration full of our personal truths and emotions. Many of us have been silenced, sadly unable to express our creativity, feelings, boundaries and needs.


Today I wanted to write and share with you about the power of singing and how it can help break through that silence.


Our voices are our own remedies for the heart, for the soul. Are you ready to find yours?

'I'm just here for the Rebound'

Ahhhh the rebound … Where the magic happens! You will find rebounds happening in a Yin Yoga class, it is a short rest period in-between each asana. They can be related as a mini savasana.

Embracing Sacred Ceremony

Today there are many opportunities to participate in activities like women circles, plant ceremonies, full and new moon gatherings, retreat spaces and conscious training programs. As humans we have a primal need for connection and these types of gatherings you are seen and held and you learn to offer that others. I share with you my experiences with ceremony.

Earthing - Feel. Connect. Heal

When I was little I used to have a lot of aversion towards wearing shoes - I still do now, any chance I can to get my shoes off I take it. I remember my first time travelling to India I gave my pair of shoes a way in a week and had a whole 6 months of naked contact to the earth of the motherland!

How did Yoga make it to the West?

Can you believe there is evidence of Yoga dating back to over 5000 years ago in India! Did you ever wonder how it spread to our neighborhoods here in the West?

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