Hi, I'm Victoria

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Whether it’s teaching Yoga or giving treatments I hold and guide the space for people to re-embody themselves and understand more fluently the different languages of the body, so that they can find their way back to the flow of life. 


Currently we live in an age of disembodiment, many seeing our body as something we need to control and master by squeezing ourselves into diets and strict regimes. There may be a tendency to disregard or override our body's responses rather then listening and attending too them and recognising it’s wisdom.


I believe by building safety and trust in ourselves, our relationships and in our environment is one of the fundamental needs for us to live life to our full potential as human beings. That is why I advocate for embodiment, self awareness and the development of a intimate relationship with all of ourselves, even the parts which lurk in the shadows.


My passion for the healing arts developed through my own life journey. When I began to practice Yoga and Meditation during my mid twenties it awakened me. It was my first taste of contemplation and self observation. I started to re-evaluate EVERYTHING; I started to wonder why I believed all the things I did? Why I behaved in ways I did? Who really am I? Why was I in so much pain? Why did I have all these addictions?

Hi, I'm Victoria
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It created a burning desire to understand more about the complexities of being human. At this point in my life I felt broken and desperate. My physical body had been suffering for years, I felt lost, anxious and was debilitated by low self worth. I felt unsure and unsafe to express my authentic self around others including friends and intimate partners.


My perception of myself and the world was filtered by the distorted lens of developmental trauma without yet having the knowledge to understand it for what it was. I was in total darkness, heavy with toxic shame created by unmet very early needs. Aching with grief due to loss, rejection and abandonment. 


I had always been wired for intensity, that pattern continued as I turned to spirituality, grasping, to try to heal and feel better. I immersed myself in training after training, endless vipassans, explored psychology, various treatment methodologies and vast amounts of teachings.


I spent years seeking mostly in India, immersing myself in the culture. I learnt many things, yet, something still didn’t make sense, something was missing. All the things I was doing just felt bandaids - Inside I was still in pain, still disconnected and there was alot of contradiction to what I thought I stood for and how I actually behaved.

Like many others on the spiritual path I had been bypassing the body to reach for the spiritual centres of transcendence but wasn’t necessarily metabolising my pain and trauma. Even though I had an abundance of tools and a lot of self awareness it wasn’t until I started to bridge the gap between spirituality and science that real shifts started to take place.


I educated myself in neurophysiology, trauma and was supported by somatic experiencing therapists. As I became anchored more and more in my body I started to understand the different channels my body spoke, my internal states and ways to work with them to help regulate myself. I started to create new positive neural pathways in my brain to create real change in my life.


As things continued to shift I had the experience of having access to the generative energy available to use as human beings. I feel safe and contained in my body, I can trust myself to respond to my needs and environment appropriately. When we metabolise and transform our experiences the energy that is usually locked up managaing the symptoms and behaviours becomes available once again and begins to flow.

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The nervous system is the system in charge of all our systems in our body, when we start to become more regulated and increase our capacity to be with life’s experience, joyful or challenging, we start to sleep better, our relationships improve with ourselves and others, we have less symptoms, and our addictions and distractions can start to shift. We can start to respond instead of react. 


We can start to let the whole and healthy person beneath the narratives, patterns and pain to be fully expressed - YES our true authentic humanity shine bright.


All of this lead to the creation of Ma. I am so happy to share with you asana classes, bodywork, support through pregnancy, singing, ceremony, workshops, retreats and blogs. As humans we thrive in community and in brave spaces that help us connect, listen and meet ourselves where we are at. We are wired for connection. 


Jai Ma

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What people say about their experience...

I met Bashini at the Anand Prakash Ashram, India. I was immediately drawn to her bright light that filled the space she was in. Her classes at the ashram were powerful and uplifting. I felt that her love and wisdom were infused into her teachings and it helped me to move into a deeper space within my physical and spiritual body. She holds such a compassionate presence and it shows in the way she helps you through your practice, adjusting you mindfully, respecting your body and what it allows you to do. I would definately recommend experiencing one of her classes. You will truely benefit and maybe not in a way you expected.

Meeting Victoria was a life changing experience for me. I guess I was at some sort of 'turning point'. She left me deeply inspired and encouraged. Her input, whether it was breathing techniques, poetry or writings, shared experiencesshe had herself or that have inpired her and anatomical knowledge touched me. In both her teaching styles whether it be the slower or the more active practice, she has this beautiful intutition for this little gap between being challenged too much and not being challenged enough. With her I never experienced either of the both extremes. I felt like she kept us safe and steady in this powerful in-between. You will learn to differentiate and you will find ease, joy, trust and strength in this gap, to which Victoria is guiding you through in her classes.

Victoria's great experience and mastery are evident in the wisdom and ease which she shares insight into being in the present moment whilst embodying yin and yang. Her teaching is grounded in clear instruction, maeningful adjustments and positive energy. No matter what you bring with you onto the mat, you will leave the class feeling balanced, refreshed and loved. Thank you so much!

I have had the pleasure of knowing Victoria for many years but our connection has greatly deepened since she shared her love for yoga with me. I joined Victoria in India for a three month long exploration into the self discovery and healing through yoga and meditation. It was a life changing experience and completely transformational in every sense and it would not be possible without her experience and guidance.

During my time of learning yoga more consistently through taking a one of Victoria's 3 week challenges, her support and teachings propelled me into a profound journey about discovering so much about myself by developing a special bond between my yoga mat and daily practice. I learnt to reconnect to beauty of life, experience the true nature of myself and a feeling almost as though I'd finally come back home to my true essence in a healthy and balanced way. She was attentive and nuturing throughout my progress and provided dynamic and powerful teachings with an open heart enabling healing and growth in abundance. I felt I truly flourished with Victoria as my yoga mentor. Thank you 

'Thank you, Victoria. You teach with profound knowledge and empathic care. Your own way to lead us through theory and practice bridges body, mind and soul and allows for intimacy, growth and common understanding.'

I took part in a 10 day morning challenge course with Victoria. She is a great teacher especially because she is so authentic, I always felt welcome and that I could come the way I am. She has so much experience and can enrich her classes with knowledge from different fields such as Taoism or Neuroscience, that was very interesting. The practice is deep and mindful and it helped me so much to feel better when I was having difficult times. Victoria is a very special teacher. I am very grateful for this experience.

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